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As your Kansas City-based business advisor, Business Performance Advisors brings a trusted, knowledgeable, objective perspective on your business. Beginning with a diagnosis of your business, you can have a report card showing areas of strengths and potential opportunities for improvement from the viewpoint of the marketplace...where the rubber meets the road. 

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Business Value Assessment
  • Organizational Alignment Assessment
  • Acquisition Target Assessment
  • Operational Review
  • Customer Experience Report
  • Financial Assessment

Information-Based Decisions

It is tempting to assume we have a clear understanding of our current situation. Often times entrepreneurs tend to allow their confidence and optimism leak into the assurance that their business is highly valued and a number of potential buyers will be willing to pay a premium for the privilege of owning this your goldmine. That may be the case, but now is not the time to gamble on fantasies not based on facts. An objective third-party assessment of your business could easily be worth it’s weight in gold. This foundation of knowledge will form the cornerstone for your future.

Assessment Report Menu

A comprehensive business assessment report will include the components described below in addition to an overview of general business information. The reports below can be selected on an individual basis to provide a Market Snapshot tailored to your business.

Competitive Analysis

  • Define Target Market
  • Identify Key Competitors within Defined Target Market
  • Document Offering
  • Identify Differentiators
  • Highlight Competitive Advantages
  • Recommendations

Business Value Assessment

  • Review Financial Reports
  • Adjust Financials to Account for Add-Backs
  • Research Market Reports for Industry
  • Evaluate Cost Structure Compared to Industry Standards
  • Assess Completed Transaction Multiples
  • Determine Range of Value

Organizational Alignment Assessment

  • Define Natural/Adaptive Behavior Style
  • Identify Unique Talents
  • Develop Vision/Mission/Values
  • Design Personal Action Plan to Maximize Effectiveness
  • Facilitate Off-site Planning/Team Building Events

Acquisition Target Assessment

  • Define Potential Acquisition Targets
  • Contact Select Decision-Makers for Targeted Companies
  • Conduct Preliminary Discussions gaging Interest
  • Evaluate Information/Assess Potential

Operational Review

  • Review Organizational Chart/Staffing
  • Document Processes in Defined Area
  • Review Operation Manuals
  • Review Compliance Procedures
  • Summary/Level Recommendations

Customer Experience Report

  • Define Key Performance Measures
  • Shop Business as a Customer
  • Provide Executive Summary of Experience
  • Recommendations for Improvement

Financial Assessment

  • Identify Primary Business Value Drivers
  • Determine Key Performance Indicators
  • Establish Objectives
  • Build an Environment of Accountability

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